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Welcome to Titan Strength and Fitness

Whether you are trying to lose weight, get fit, get strong, shape and tone, build muscle, or enhance your athletic performance…


We have you covered.


We know exercise is positive for the many benefits it brings, from strengthening our heart, to trimming your waistline, but most importantly exercise can actually slow down the ageing process and add years of quality living to your life.


Everyone’s goals are unique and we are here to help you achieve them.


 “Start strong, end stronger”

Clean and Fully Equipped Gym

We pride ourselves on having the cleanest facility around. 

All our equipment is modern and maintained to the highest standard

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Friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

We are equally equipped for members that are new to gym life, or if you are a frequent gym user.


We’ve got a suitable facility for everyone.

A comfortable Training experience

  • Multiple bathrooms available

  • Unlimited parking 

  • Free Member WIFI

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Get your Membership Today!

At Titan Strength and Fitness we have something for everybody, from the complete novice to the professional athlete. If you're involved in a sport, whether it's  GAA, Soccer, Power Lifting, Rugby, Body Builder, we can cater for you at Titan.

Become a member today without any Joining fee!

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Chose a fitness plan that’s right for you


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Titan is a Gym that’s ready to enhance your everyday life. At Titan Strength and
Fitness we have something for everybody, from the complete novice to the professional. 


Our classes give you the ability to have strength, increased energy levels, greater flexibility and endurance to take everyday tasks in your stride.

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