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The Classes

All of our classes are designed to keep members functionally fit. What this means is that you now feel capable to live life to the maximum. This can be from playing with your children, to taking on a hike, from gardening to taking on that once impossible sporting challenge.





This is primary a cardio class where you give 100% of your effort through quick intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods

Example: Squat Jumps for 40 seconds followed by 20 seconds rest.

Duration 45 mins.

We use a vast array of equipment such as kettlebells, dumbells, slam balls, bands, barbells and of course your own bodyweight. Every class is designed to push and challenge you for the entire 45 Minute duration.
Health is not about how you look but about how you feel !

Nutritional Cooking

Nutrition Programmes

At Titan S&F we believe that a “diet “is only successful if the results are sustainable for the long term. For this reason we don’t believe in fad diets.


Choosing high quality, nutrient dense whole foods with a diverse selection of vegetables and fruits which are rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals is what we believe to be the key to feeling and looking great. 


Understanding your nutrition will optimise the results you wish to achieve when combined with progressive exercise routines to bring the long term results.


We have created a nutritional book for all our members. This document was created in partnership with Celeb Chef Jeeny Maltese and Titan S&F  

We provide training services for all needs

We cater for team sports such as GAA, Soccer, Rugby, corporate fitness and individuals. This service is available both on/offsite.


We have the knowledge and expertise to maximise the potential of your Sports Team.

Our 2500sq ft studio has a large selection
of resistance equipment to help your team with strength & conditioning, speed & reaction, mobility & injury prevention.


We cater for Group training sessions.

This is usually carried out at lunch break and is available for 4 employees upwards.


Being fit & healthy in your workplace can
be a powerful ally against sick leaves
and health problems.


We offer personal training at sustainable prices. Our fitness model is adaptable
to suit your needs and goals.


We have a number of trainers available
with their own fitness skill and expertise ready to help you.

Our Gym Gallery

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At Titan Strength and Fitness we have something for everybody, from the complete novice to the professional athlete. If you're involved in a sport, whether it's  GAA, Soccer, Power Lifting, Rugby, Body Builder, we can cater for you at Titan. 

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